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Here's What Others have to Say about Working with Diana McLeod

"Diana helps me distance myself from the issues so I can see them more clearly…the archetypes have become a reliable tool to sort out complex situations and figure out an action plan."
         MS, Washington DC, Senior Executive

"I found Diana's advice on relationships practical, professional and a 'fun' experience…she begins where my family and friends leave off."
        DS, Vermont, CEO

"I couldn't imagine receiving advice and guidance from anyone else. Although we live thousands of miles and three time zones apart, she is always available. Holidays, weekends and evenings, she is dedicated to helping her clients and I feel privileged to be one of them."
       SB, California, Pastry Chef

"I simply never would have had the courage to take this important step without Diana's guidance and confidence in my ability to successfully start and grow my own business."
       PK, Vermont, Entrepreneur

For more information or to set up a free half-hour appointment to talk with
Diana McLeod, call 802.229.5296 or e-mail diana@dmcoaching.com


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